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Nouf Taraman
Nouf Taraman, 24 Brooklyn


Originally from Egypt, Nouf Taraman, 24, Brooklyn  grew up in Falls Church, Virginia where she spent her childhood years. She then moved to the Qatar, in the Middle East where she completed her secondary education before finally moving to New York City to attend The City University Of New York- Queens College to which she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Her dynamic background contributes a refreshing worldly flair and international forte. Being so well-traveled both domestically and internationally, she is endowed with a broad knowledge and deeper understanding of diverse cultures, nationalities and lifestyles. Combine that with her fluent tongue of English and Arabic, as well as being conversant in Spanish and German, and the capabilities which she harbors, are paramount to success in any enterprise.

“My highly eclectic background has blessed me with a totally unique point of view” she says “I have found that in a place like New York City, the community is more likely to identify with and relate to someone that reflects its level of diversity. ” Nouf Taraman’s cross-cultural communication skills enable her to naturally gain a strong sense of what her clients are searching for. She says “I understand all of my clients and their specific requisites.” Of course her warmth and sensitivity towards every culture also easily gravitates people towards her.


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